Roger Miller

Roger will be having a Heart Cath on Wednesday 10/13. Prayer for his arteries to be clear. Jo-Ann

Oct-07 / last prayer 14h ago
Amanda Raffenaud

"can you pray that my body responds to this (new) treatment? Can you pray that I have minimal pain and regain some of the abilities I have lost (ie bending or squatting/sitting without severe pain"

Sep-27 / last prayer 14h ago
Update on Elena’s Sister

My sister, Marita, is now at home with Hospice. She is at peace. Please pray for God’s mercy for her, her husband and for her daughter.

Oct-02 / last prayer 14h ago

Miraculous healing for Angela who has 2 areas where brain may bleed. Last surgery left her with seizures & physical problems

Oct-12 / last prayer 14h ago

Please pray for Dave and relief from pain in his hip and back.

Oct-01 / last prayer 14h ago
Jim Miller

From Roger&Jo-Ann Miller. My brother Jim just got his triple bypass and aortic valve replacement scheduled for October 15. Prior delays because no ICU beds available secondary to Covid in Illinois

Oct-06 / last prayer 14h ago
Jo-Ann Miller

Jo-Ann was admitted Advent Health Apopka with pyelonephritis. Please pray that the antibiotics will be effective and bring her back to full health

Oct-07 / last prayer 21h ago

Please pray for Samantha who is currently in the ICU. Please pray for her husband Sean and their son as well.

Oct-01 / last prayer 14h ago

Requests prayer for those Americans/allies remaining in Afghanistan those working to bring them out; and for those who choose to stay and be God’s light to the Taliban. Decree God’s safety for them.

Oct-01 / last prayer 14h ago