Lee MacPherson

Praise report my wife's leg is healing and turning a more normal color and the swelling is down. Thank you so much everyone for the prayers.

Aug-06 / last prayer 8h ago
Rachel J Kaufman

Prayer for a mediation conference for my mom's homeowner's insurance scheduled for Mon., 8.22 10 am - favor and positive resolution! Issues continue w/general contractor - wisdom needed. THANK YOU!

Aug-12 / last prayer 8h ago

Good afternoon, wanted to humbly submit a prayer request... please please pray for God's grace and mercy... thank you so much... Gratefully, Cindy

Aug-03 / last prayer 8h ago
Mervin Humphrey

From Ruan Humphrey "Pray for my 99 year-old father, Mervin; wisdom for his medical/caregiving team; God's felt presence for all."

Aug-08 / last prayer 8h ago

Please pray for David who is having a very hard time in his residency dealing with almost overwhelming criticism and discouragement. Ruan Humphrey

Jul-29 / last prayer 8h ago

Domestic murder victim Born in 2000 and from Vietnam, she was murdered by her husband in June of this year. Please pray for her as she was not a believer and her family who couldn’t be at the funeral

Jul-31 / last prayer 8h ago
Donna Scalera

Pray for healing for my friend Donna who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer and is undergoing treatment.

Aug-10 / last prayer 8h ago