Please pray for my friend's father for healing of his serious foot infection. It's so serious, his foot may need amputation. Please pray for healing to avoid this!

Sep-28 / last prayer 16h ago

For 9yr old Jack who had leukemia before & now it has returned. Praying for a miracle. Please God let this disease leave his precious little body

Sep-11 / last prayer 18h ago

Praise report: My friend's car's issue was minor and the mechanic didn't charge her anything for the simple repair! Thank you for your prayers!

Sep-26 / last prayer 18h ago
Vitali Zhamiardzei

Can you pray for my healing from top of head to soles of feet, Ask God please, mercy me. Pray every night please

Sep-18 / last prayer 18h ago

Scheduled for surgery to remove pineal cyst on brain on October 4th. Request hedge of protection to keep her, and family, healthy and without anxiety.

Sep-24 / last prayer 18h ago
Ken W.

Please pray for our friend, Ken, who is having surgery today at Moffatt in Tampa for adenocarcinoma of the spine. Tumor is not responding to chemo, but is encapsulated. Thank you!

Sep-27 / last prayer 18h ago
Laura Bravo

Praise report: heart cath showed zero blockage! Thank you for your prayers! I am now home from the hospital and just need to f/I on Afib issue.

Sep-13 / last prayer 18h ago

My Step Father In Law and my Mother In Law (who did get Covid) are both recovering. It impacted them quite severely but they both just tested negative and are recovering. PTL!

Sep-26 / last prayer 18h ago
Cynthia John

Please pray for me and my family. I have a broken arm. My mother (Alice), fell and broke an arm this morning & my brother who has COPD is having a great deal of difficulty breathing.

Sep-13 / last prayer 18h ago
Gary Miller

pray for my brother Gary Miller. He is diagnosed with lieomyosarcoma. lung biopsies done Monday 9-18 Please pray that biopsies are benign .

Sep-21 / last prayer 18h ago
Viola Cleo Bradshaw

Prayers are requested for healing Viola Cleo Bradshaw. Healing needs include: depression,  split personality disorder,  loneliness,  loss, healing for sleep disorder,  and for a broken nose

Sep-11 / last prayer 18h ago